After my good pal Jake passed away I had quite a few people asking about Chu merch, so I decided to set up this store.

These products are printed “on demand”, which means we don’t have to order a whole load at once, and also means we can offer a whole range of products in different styles and sizes.

All profits from the sale of the Chu merch will be put towards Jake’s family fund, or towards the organisation of future fundraising events.

How It Works

  1. You add products to your basket, check out, choose a shipping option and pay as you normally would.
  2. Your order is sent straight over to our printers (in sunny Blackburn). They then print, and ship your order directly to you in plastic-free packaging.
  3. That’s it really. There isn’t a 3rd step!

Our store is secure and all payments are securely processed via Stripe.

How Long Will It Take?

It can take up to 5 working days to print your stuff, and then it will be shipped using whichever shipping method you choose.

Typically your order will be with you within 5 working days, but it may take a bit longer depending on the product(s) you have ordered.

Will It Fit?

We have tried to include sizing guides with every product. Just scroll down to the Sizing Guide tab and click on it, then get your gran’s tape measure out.


We have tried to choose products that use organic cotton and recycled polyester. They are shipped to you in plastic-free weatherproof packaging.


We appreciate that when you order clothes online you don’t always know if it’s going to fit the intended wearer.

If this is the case, you can return the product to us and we will refund you the cost of the product(s) (unfortunately we cannot refund you the cost of shipping, nor can we cover the cost of returning the product to us).

Please bear in mind that the whole point of this is to raise money for Jake’s fund. We are running this store without making any profit ourselves, and putting our own time into it. Maybe consider passing the item that doesn’t fit on to somebody else and ordering another one in the correct size.


Our printers handle the shipping of the finished products to you.

In theory, they can ship things anywhere in the world. Currently our store is configured for UK shipping.

If you live overseas and would like to order something please just let us know and we will configure EU / global shipping for you.

Why Is It Called HeavyMeta?

I registered the domain name ages ago because I thought it was cool even though I didn’t have a project to use it on… until now.